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About Us

It's true that our cat friends are living their best life lounging and taking frequent naps...Cat Jealousy!!!!

These little creatures have been considered to be one of man’s loyal companions. Pet studies have revealed that people who own cats have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease as owning a cat helps to relieve stress thereby lowering possibilities of heart diseases.

I know some people believe that cats are a sign of misfortune especially the black ones. But that is untrue. Cats are true to humans. They deserve to love and be loved.

Cat Jealousy is a movement that aims to show our love and appreciation for cats. We believe that our cat inspired as well as cat care products will show our love for cats as well as give people more reason to love them.

A part of our earnings will be given to the society in charge of cat welfare so that they can save more cats and take good care of them.

You can be a part of the move by choosing to save and love a cat. Together we can show others the sincerity of these little creatures by purchasing cat inspired products.

Do contact us at any time. We will be glad to hear your cat story and start a business relationship with you. Just as we have developed our products with love, we hope you enjoy using them.