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All About Cats: 6 Common Cat Myths

All About Cats: 6 Common Cat Myths

Different cultures crafted fanciful cat myths to explain puzzling feline behavior. And, people are often fascinated when they learn the facts about cats and their mysterious disposition. Most people find it hard to figure out the facts and myths about cats. There are plenty of folktales and cat myths in need of busting.

 Cat Myths

Here are some of the myths about cats.

Black Cats Brings Bad Luck

There are many superstitions about black cats bringing bad luck. While some believed that felines are to bring good fortune.Well, different cultures around the world have seen different cat colors and patterns. In reality, the only supernatural power that a black cat possesses is unconditional love and affection, just like any other cat.

 Cats Have Nine Lives

 An old proverb of unknown origin claims: "A cat has nine lives. For three, he plays, for three, he strays, and for the last three, he stays." In ancient Egypt, cats have a fantastic ability to make impossible leaps and jumps, survive falls, and maneuver in ways cat owners never thought would be possible. It's more likely that cats can get themselves out of sticky situations with their agility and dexterity.

 Cats Should Drink Milk Every Day

 Yes, cats like milk, but they do not need it if they are adequately nourished. Cats may get diarrhea if they drink too much milk. If milk is given, the amount should be small and infrequent. Make sure the label is lactose-free if needed.

 Cats Cannot Live With Pregnant Women

Some cats may be infected with a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is a risk for fetuses. It can spread to humans through cat litter boxes and can cause severe problems for unborn children. However, if pregnant women like having a cat around, this problem can be prevented by avoiding the cat litter boxes and let other members of the family clean it.

 Cat's Whiskers Are Their Sense of Balance

Did you ever wonder why cats have whiskers? Whiskers work as motion detectors and also help cats find their way around. Also, it indicates a cat’s mood, so pay much attention to your kitty's whiskers for if your kitty's whiskers are less relaxed, more likely your cat is to be frustrated or angry. Whatever you do, don't cut a cat's whiskers or pull on them. Cats use their whiskers as "feelers". So, cat's whiskers as a sense of balance are just one of the cat myths.

Cats Hate Water

Most cats are not a big fan of water, but not all cats hate getting wet. Some people spray water to cats in an attempt to get them to stop doing something. Just imagine how you would feel when someone suddenly sprayed water in your face, and you’ll understand why cats don't like it. Cats come in different colors and breeds. And generally, they are friendly creatures. Different people have a different perception of cats. Thus, it is essential to know the basic facts about cats to distinguish the facts from the cat myths.