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6 Ways on How to Take Care of Orphaned Kittens

by William Griffith

How to take care of orphaned kittens can be challenging. You need to be patient especially if it is your first time raising one.


All About Cats: 6 Common Cat Myths

by William Griffith

Different cultures crafted fanciful cat myths to explain puzzling feline behavior. And, people are often fascinated when they learn the facts about cats and their mysterious disposition.


Cat Dental Care Tips - Cats and Dogs Dental Health Basics

by William Griffith
As a cat lover, you need to make sure that your furbaby gets the proper cat dental care. Taking care of your pet's teeth is the best way to ward off dental pain and diseases. Just as people need to visit the dentist, so as your cat needs to visit a veterinarian to get their teeth checked.